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  • What kind of legal strategies can I build with the Legal Strategy feature?
    Our Legal Strategy feature is an advanced tool designed to enhance your analytical thinking and practical legal skills. You can input specific case details, and our engine will provide potential legal strategies for both the petitioner and respondent sides. This feature helps you plan and evaluate different legal strategies, thus preparing you better for your future law career.
  • How does the Exam Answer Engine work?
    Our Exam Answer Engine uses advanced algorithms to provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand answers for all subjects in the LLB/LLM courses. Simply input your questions, and Nyayasastra will provide a concise, student-friendly answer to help you prepare for your exams.
  • Can I use the Concept Learning feature to understand complex legal principles?
    Absolutely! Our Concept Learning feature is designed to help you grasp even the most complicated legal principles. Using an AI-driven approach, it breaks down complex concepts into understandable parts, providing an engaging and efficient learning experience.
  • How can I sign up for Nyayasastra?
    Signing up is simple. You can do so by clicking on the "Sign Up" button on our homepage. You'll need to fill in some basic information, choose a subscription plan, and you'll be ready
  • Are there any options to try Nyayasastra before I purchase a subscription?
    Yes, we offer the ability to try our platform before you commit to a subscription. You can ask your first 10 questions for free. Post which, you will be prompted to subscribe. This way, you can experience the value Nyayasastra can bring to your legal studies.
  • What subscription plans does Nyayasastra offer?
    We offer two flexible plans catering to different needs. Our Student Plan is subsidized to support learning and costs INR 150 per month, offering 75 questions with an option to top-up for INR 2 per additional question. Our Individual Lawyer Plan includes access to our legal strategy engine and is priced at INR 4000, offering 500 questions with an option to top-up for INR 8 per additional question. More details can be found under the 'Pricing' section of our website. These plans ensure that whether you are a student or an individual lawyer, Nyayasastra is equipped to aid your legal journey effectively.
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